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Barberton is situated in close proximity to Swaziland (42km to Bulembu border – remember to bring your passport), the Kruger National Park (78km to Malelane gate), the popular Badplaas resort (76km through breathtaking scenery) Nelspruit, the capital of Mpumalanga (45km) and the other main attractions of the Lowveld and Escarpment – e.g. Sabie 109km, Pilgrims Rest 149km. Good roads link Barberton to these places of interest, but if off-road is more your scene, enquire at the information bureau about the scenic drives and walks through some of the most unspoilt and biodiverse areas of our country.

Geographical Details

Latitude : 25 degrees, 47' south
Longitude : 31 degree, 03' east
Altitude : 877 metres
Mean July Temperature : 16 degrees Celsius.
Mean January Temperature : 32 degrees Celsius.
Annual Precipitation : 755mm


Johannesburg : 403km
Pretoria : 350km
Malelane (Kruger National  Park) : 76km
Nelspruit : 45km
Mbabane : 140km
Skukuza : 144km
Badplaas : 68km


1. Barberton-Bulembu : R40, 9km tar, 32km gravel. This route is considered one of the most scenic in South Africa.

2. Shiya lo Ngubu Dam : gravel road off Bulembu road through plantations and natural forests.


1. Fortuna Mine Trail : Circular route of 2km, through 600m of mine tunnel - please bring a torch!

2. Rose's Creek Trail : A short walk through the Barberton nature reserve.

3. Barber's Trail : New 5 hour hiking trail that leads past Barber's Cottage.

Although there is evidence that prehistoric man frequented the spectacular hills around Barberton as well as the de Kaap valley (the largest landlocked valley in South Africa) both during the Stone – and Iron Ages, the real settlement of the valley took place in 1884. The Barber brothers, Fred and Henry and their cousin Graham came upon a rich gold reef in the Makhonjwa mountains in June 1884 – a reef so rich that it sparkled in the sun.

A flood of diggers arrived, and a motley collection of shacks, stores and canteens sprang up. On 24 June 1884 David Wilson, mining commissioner of Kaapse Hoop, broke a bottle gin over a lump of rock to christen the town and Barberton was launched on a lively career. Many of the buildings and monuments we see today are a reminder of those wild and wonderful days.

More information on the history can be seen/obtained at the Barberton Museum/contact Alison or Lee at (013) 7124281

Barberton : Tourism : Attractions

Barberton boasts various attractions :

1. Museum: situated in Crown Street, it includes displays ranging from geology and mining to general history. Admission is free, and the museum is open between 9am and 4pm. Contact person : Alison 712-4208

2. Old Stock Exchange facade: The facade of the first gold stock exchange in South Africa is still standing. On display at the Museum are price lists reflecting buyers, sellers and sales of shares of the many public gold mining companies formed during the gold rush. The Sheba Reef traded at R105 per share!

3. Lewis and Marks Building; Now the Head Office of Eastern Transvaal Consolidated Mines Ltd. this building, originally financed and owned by Lewis and Marks was the first double storey in the Transvaal. The Bank of Africa occupied the ground floor and the remainder of the building served as offices.

4. Guard House: Standing at the foot of Rimers Creek this wood and iron guard house was erected during the Anglo Boer War. It was manned by the Barberton home guard formed by members of the public, and J. W. Winter was the first Captain. No shot in anger was ever fired from this point. The Barberton Commando came into being during the 1914-18 war and still serves as a local defence force.

5. Old Fig Tree: It is not known how old this magnificent fig tree is, but it is reputed that President Paul Kruger addressed the miners under this tree when he visited the town in the late 1880’s to settle some of their grievances. He delighted the miners by delivering his speech in English and was later honoured by them at a special champagne dinner at the Phoenix Hotel.

6. Old Locomotive: This locomotive was in service on the railway line between Barberton and Kaapmuiden circa 1899. It was traced to near Port Elizabeth by its number from an old photograph in the Museum archives and brought back to Barberton in 1971. Under its own steam and on loose rail sections it made its way through the streets to where it stands now.

7. Jock’s Memorial: Standing in front of the municipal builings is a statue to that most indefatigable of dogs "Jock of the Bushveld", sculptured by Ivan Mitford Barberton Of Cape Town and kindly donated by Mrs Mackie Niven daughter of Sir Percy Fitz Patrick.

8. Regimental Badges: During the second World War, a large military training camp of wooden huts was sited on the northern outskirts of the town. Regiments generally spent two to three months in training here before being posted to Egypt and Abyssinia. Many of the regiments that were encamped at Barberton built their regimental badges out of stone, cement and plaster. Thanks to the local M.O.T.H. organization these have been preserved and maintained.

9. Garden of Remembrance: Sited close to the Regimental Badges at the foot of an aloe covered hill stands the Garden of Remembrance, an imposing stone memorial to persons who gave their lives in the Lowveld during the early days.

10. Fernlea House: In Lee Street. Admission is free, and the museum is open from 9:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 16:00.

11. Eureka City: When the Sheba Reef, the richest ever to be worked, was struck at Edwin Bray’s Golden Quarry, 50 000 ounces of gold were extracted from the first 11 000 tons of ore and diggers established Eureka as a residential area. Today it is a ruin but offers visitors the opportunity of a spectacular walk to the top of the mountains where it was sited.

12. Coach and Wagon Shoot (Chute): Access to the valley by mail coaches and wagons was gained by this chute still identifiable in places. On Barberton/Badplaas Road, right hand side 31 km stone, 1,7 km from gate through plantation. NB. This is private property. On reaching a junction in the road at this point you will have to leave your car to walk through the plantation towards the edge of the treeline at the top of a valley. This is the entrance to the "shoot". From the top of the Shoot to the bottom is a distance of approximately 6km. It took a severe toll on wagons and hundreds of oxen died in the process of ascent and descent Wagon wheels were chained to act as a brake and riems tied to the side, which were held on to prevent the wagon capsizing.

13. Aerial Ropeway between Barberton and Havelock Mine, Swaziland:
Completed: October 1938
Length 20,36 km
Speed: 183 m per minute (11 KPH)
Load per car: 200 kg
Hourly Capacity: 13,5 metric tons
Angle of deflection; 4’ 47’ at approximately midway
Supporting pylons: 52
Longest unsupported span: 1 207 m
Highest point above ground: 189m.

14. Belhaven House Museum : This house museum which has been restored and furnished to its original appearance in 1904, depicts the life of a family from the wealthy middle class during the late Victorian/early Edwardian periods. The visiting hours are advertised at the entrance.

15. Globe Tavern: Built in 1887. It has been turned into a boutique and coffee shop.

16. Lodge of St John's in the South : A magnificent neo-Gothic Masonic temple built in 1884. It is situated in Judge street.

17. Truter House: A stylish, turn-of-the-century period house, complete with Anglo Boer War fencing. It also boasts the first well in Barberton, and has a giant fig tree in the garden.

18. De Brug Ostrich Farm: Come and enjoy these magnificent birds. Guided tours are available all week long, except on Mondays. It is   about 12 kilometres along the Kaapsehoop Road. For bookings and enquiries please phone 712-5265.

Barberton fun bus
For the most fun you can have on four wheels, try our Barberton Fun Bus!
This fully restored and refurbished Double Decker Bus is just the ticket for parties, pub crawling, corporate outings, tours and  anything else you might want to do! Trips to the Kruger National park are a regular and popular feature of the bus.  Game viewing from the upper storey deck is fenominal and an experience not to be missed! Sunset trips, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, x-mas parties, corporate outings, just about anything you can think of, the Barberton Fun Bus will cater for your needs

Hot Air Ballooning
Watch game in a game reserve from a hot air balloon as the sun touches the savannah with gold. Drift slowly through the skies of the De Kaap Valley and follow the wind over the natural wonders of Mpumalanga.  Sip champagne as your balloon carries you up and away on an adventure of a lifetime …  Experience all of this under the expert guidance of world-renowned Dutch balloonists, Henk and Evelien Brink. As holders of four world records, the Brinks now bring their combined expertise to South Africa with a range of exciting hot air ballooning packages for groups as well as individuals

One of the best ways to experience the magnificent mountainland is to view it from the air.
Experienced pilots with intimate knowledge of the area and history take you on a guided air safari over a game reserve. Several micro-lights are available, with radio linkages making it possible to talk to each other while in the air

Gold Panning
Fun for the whole family!  Pan the Noordkaap River for the elusive alluvial gold.  Addictive, like a slots machine at the casino, you keep on trying for the next one.  Learn the technique from an expert, and you might strike it lucky with some practice.  Spend two to three hours next to the stream and relive the gold rush fever!

Horse Trails
Set in the heart of the 12000 ha Berlin forests, trails lead you through lush indigenous vegetation, forested areas, open grass plains with spectacular escarpment views.  View a variety of small game and birdlife including the endagered blue swallow. Also have the privilege of seeing wild horses in their natural environment. Visit the Historical gold mining town of Kaapschehoop which nestles on the edge of the Drakensburg range, overlooking the De Kaap  Valley. All trails are under the leadership of an experienced and competent trail guide and well-schooled horses 

Overnight horse trails in the Songimvelo game reserve are extremely popular.  Get up close to rhino, elephant and giraffe.  Other game like kudu, springbok and eland are prolific in the reserve

Lone Tree Hill stands at 425 metres above Barberton and serves as good launching site, good enough to keep paragliders flying high for hours on end. Barberton is a winter site and the easterly wind is  the prevailing wind which attracts the paragliders from as far as Natal and Pretoria.
Many people think that paragliding is a dangerous sport, but it is as safe as the pilot makes it. If you stick to the rules and don't over extend your limits, it can be rewarding and spirit lifting sport.
Paragliding is the closest form of flight known to man and nothing can compare to the sound of silence as you fly freely hundreds of metres above the ground.

Quad Biking/ 4x4
Come ride the Gem of the Lowveld.  Weekend Tours in and around Beautiful Barberton with your Off - Road Bikes or Quads 

Barberton Gold
Secure Your Piece of the Past
The history of Barberton is the history of gold - and now you can get a piece of it!

Barberton Gold is the oldest commercially mined gold on the planet and is contained within the most ancient rock formation on earth.

This most fortunate coincidence, together with their individual hallmarks of mineral certification conspires to make Barberton Oldest Gold medallions, sculptures, artefacts and bullion bars the most uniquely beautiful investments in the world.

Designed and manufactured by local African artists, each example of Barberton Oldest Gold artwork is both a personal investment in wealth and beauty, as well as a meaningful contribution to the sustainable economic development of the distinctively talented African artists and craftspeople of the region.

Only Barberton Oldest Gold examples contain the very essence and spiritual life force of the planet, originating as they do from the first rocks formed at the very dawn of time, containing trace elements of the very first life form, mined from deep within the very cradle of mankind.

We invite you to enjoy your tour around our virtual gallery, and look forward to helping you secure your own examples of this uniquely beautiful limited edition gift or investment opportunity.