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African Bac Trac Adventure Group HaenertsburgHotel / Lodge
Black Forest Mountain Lodge HaenertsburgHotel / Lodge
Die Ou Plaashuis Guesthouse HaenertsburgGuest House
Glenshiel Manor HaenertsburgGuest House
SA Log Cabin Magoebaskloof HaenertsburgBed & Breakfast
Wolkberg Guest House HaenertsburgGuest House
Yukon Log Cabin HaenertsburgGuest House

Known as "the capital of the land of the Silver Mists", the picturesque village of Haenertsburg is situated on the slopes of the mighty Wolkberg and Drakensberg mountains. This enchanting corner of the Northern Province forms a natural gateway
both to and from the Kruger National Park. The village is conveniently situated on the R7I between Pietersburg and Tzaneen and is only three-and-a- half hours from Gauteng.About 350 families live in the town and a further 2 500 people live on "the mountain" as this region is referred to by the inhabitants.Established in 1887 as a gold rush community, the village was named after Carl Ferdinand Haenert who was born in Germany and came to South Africa in 1857 to seek his fortune. With the discovery of gold at Eersteling, Haenert began  prospecting and he criss-crossed the province in  his search for the precious metal. In 1880 he made his discoveries in the Wolkberg and Woodbush  area, which led to a,small gold rush, proclamations and the eventual founding of the village.
 Today income in the region is mainly derived from forestry. There are several large mills employing vast numbers of workers in both their plantations and sawmills. The rain and misty conditions are not really suitable for agriculture, however, avocados and kiwis do reasonably well.Heanertsburg falls into the northern part of the Drakensberg.

Also falling into this area is the Houtboschberge (the Woodbush), which again is the largest indigenous forest in the Northern Province. " The magical mountains of Haenertsburg, Magoebaskloof and Agatha are linked together by the spectacular Georges Valley and is characterised by indigenous forests, cascading waterfalls, placid lakes and craggy kloofs. Visitors delight in the stunning scenery, which has a special magic as the early morning mists give way to sparkling sunshine. "The Mountain" has much more to offer than meets the eye. Flora enthusiasts will be overwhelmed at the diversity of plant life. Some of South Africa's most beautiful indigenous forests and grasslands occur here. The best-known trees being yellow-woods, stinkwoods and cabbage trees, some of which reach gigantic proportions. However, it is an exotic tree, a blue gum tree (Eucalyptus saligna) which is the tallest man-planted tree in the world. When last measured in 1999 it reached a height of over I 00 metres.
 The forests and grasslands are home to an incredible variety of plants and ferns. Over 200 orchids have been identified here.A variety of different coloured arum lilies occur naturally.Aloes can be found on the mountain slopes and cliffs - the rare Aloe thompsoniae, which is only found here.