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Forever Resorts -Tshipise      MusinaSelf-catering
there are 2 and 4/5 sleeper air conditioned and self catering rondawels. all rondawels have a kitchen and bathroom. rondawels are fully equipped with televisions, cutlery and linen. Camping sites with electricity points are also available. each site includes a braai and dustbin. there are 7 abl...

Erfrust Nature Reserve T/a Dongola Ranch MusinaHotel / Lodge
Game Lodge Klein Bolayi - Health Spa      MusinaHotel / Lodge
Jama safaries MusinaCamping & Caravan
Mopane Bush Lodge MusinaHotel / Lodge
Popallin Ranch MusinaCamping & Caravan
Samaria Safari Camp MusinaCamping & Caravan
Taylor Safaris MusinaHotel / Lodge

Messina (Musina)

Tourist Route: African Ivory Route

Musina has the distinction of being the most northern town in South Africa and the main port of entry from North Africa into South Africa. It is situated 540 m above sea level in the midst of the well-known Limpopo Valley. The dry bushveld provides excellent climate for the cultivation of citrus, mangoes and tomatoes as the main agricultural products.
The rich copper deposits in the north of the region ultimately led to the founding and growth of the busy town of Musina. In prehistoric times, black miners of the Musina tribe discovered copper. They named it "musina" meaning "the spoiler" because they felt it was a poor substitute for iron. Copper was rediscovered by prospectors in the 20th century.

Today the town is the centre of a large iron ore, coal, magnetite, graphite, asbestos, diamond, semi-precious stone and copper mining area. Musina is steeped in the history of mining, with rich deposits of copper, iron, minerals and diamonds still found in the area.

The area provides for agriculture, small manufacturing and industrial concerns, hunting, eco-tourism as well as tourism and related small business opportunities.

In autumn, dates are harvested and a truly unique product is produced, namely date liqueur. The harvest is small therefore the liqueur is still very exclusive and not available anywhere else in the world. Two other attractions for which Musina is known worldwide, are the baobab trees and impala lilies.

The Tshipise mineral baths, a popular holiday resort, offers first-class accommodation and amenities. Fishing is a popular pastime and there are many fine angling spots in the area.
Musina caters for both tourists passing through and those wishing to explore the area. Excellent overnight lodges are available in town and at the surrounding game farms.
Activities and Attractions
Beit Bridge
The country's northernmost border post and the country of Zimbabwe can be reached by road 18 km north of Musina.
Bulai/Dongola Execution Rocks
The site where the Musina chiefs executed their prisoners. At Small Bulai on the side of the road the minor offenders were executed while serious offenders met their fate at the large rock south of the road. Situated 20 km west of Musina on the R572 to Pontdrift.
Erich Mayer Park
See the famous Elephant's Trunk baobab on the Malala Drift Road, east of Musina.
Impala Lily Park
On the main road just outside Musina.
Limpopo Valley National Park
The country's youngest and northernmost national park, also known as Vhembe/Dongola National Park, was declared around the historical archaeological site of Mapungubwe, and features the fauna and flora of the Limpopo/Sashi catchment area.
Matakwe Three sisters
A single rock of bulai granite measuring 38 ha in size on the Musina experimental farm off the R527 to Pontdrift. Visits by appointment.
Musina Museum and Library
A small museum at the Civic Centre details the town's social and natural history.
Musina Nature Reserve (Baobab Forest)
Many game and bird species inhabit this strikingly beautiful reserve. An impressive feature of the reserve is the world's oldest datable rock, a piece of granite gneiss, dated at 3 852 million years old. Just south of Musina.
Zeederberg's Mail Coach
The original coach used between Pretoria and Zimbabwe can be viewed in front of the Musina Civic Centre.
Limpopo Tourism and Parks Board
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Musina Tourism Association
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