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North of Lydenburg on the R36, this town was originally named Andries-Ohrigstad after the Voortrekker Andries Potgieter and a merchant, George Ohrig who sent gifts for the Voortrekkers. It was founded in 1843 because of the new British law extending British authority to latitude 25 degrees south. This encompassed Potchefstroom and a large part of the Transvaal, so Potgieter decided to move north of the 25th parallel and established this town in a well-watered valley. However, floods and mosquitoes led to the town being abandoned in 1849, and to the establishment of Lydenburg further south. With the conquest of malaria, the valley was resettled and the modern town of Ohrigstad is a centre for maize, paprika, beans and yellow peach farming. (See also: Lydenburg.)

Greater Tubatse Municipality:
Sharon Theunissen
Telephone : +27 (0) 13 238-0131;
Fax : +27 (0) 13 238-0242;
Postal Address : PO Box 86, Ohrigstad 1122.
Physical Address : 32 Potgieter Str.