Awimaweh Resort and Conference - Hotel / Lodge, Accommodation in Kroonstad, Free State


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Awimaweh Resort and Conference - Hotel / Lodge accommodation in Kroonstad Free State

General Description

At the foundation of time, when all the earth was still in chaos, the molten rocks of Awimaweh called out to Modimo for relief. Reaching down from the heavens He touched the land causing it to imme-diately cool and transform into an Eden of luscious plains and serene lakes surrounded by majestic mountains. Beneath the ground all that which had been formless crystallized into a myriad of diamonds, precious stone and a cradle of granite that would secure this paradise in its place for all eternity. From that first morning to this day a mist that gently caresses the land draws the power of Modimo's first touch from the soil and releases it to purify and stir all who visit Awimaweh. It was the Lion who was the first to discover the power of Awimaweh. By making the plains his home he grew in such strength and wisdom that the animals had no choice but to proclaim him king. But the king himself would not allow the tranquillity of Awimaweh to be disturbed, choosing rather to hunt in the surrounding hills and mountains, the plains became a sanctuary of peace where the zebra, antelope and wildebeest could roam freely. Even the birds, before their great migrations north, would rest first at Awimaweh, gathering the strength they would need before making their arduous journey, while the majestic peacock would strut proudly as the emperor of all who had wings. Once, so the legend goes, a jackal carelessly wandered far from Awimaweh close to where the man had a village. A young boy, seeing the jackal took his club and spear and chased the creature all the way back to the secret plains of Awimaweh. The jackal, exhausted, lay down. The boy sensing his opportunity lunged forward to club the creature but stopped in surprise when the jackal turned to him and spoke. The jackal asked the boy to spare his life and if he did so he would tell him the secret of Awimaweh that would one day make him a mighty warrior. The boy agreed and indeed became the mighty warrior and the king whose realm was established on one of the mountains close by This great king and all his warriors would wind their way down the mountainside and rest on the plains and by the streams of Awimaweh, imbibing the inspiration and healing that can only be found in there. Tomorrow when you are a guest of Awimaweh, you will still sense the serenity and healing that has always been there. The diamonds are still below where you stride, although perhaps just out of reach. The animal roams freely and the peacock still struts. Each night the drums beat and a celebration is enacted in dance by a people grateful that Modimo chose to reach down and touch their land - AWIMAWEH. Who knows the jackal may speak to you


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